Virtual Reality Info

In order to see the full 360-Panoramas, either click on the big or small pictures, that are marked as Virtual Reality (VR).

A click on the small pictures opens low quality.
(Popup window: size 400 x 200 pixels, file size 25 - 30 KB)

A click on the big pictures opens medium quality.
(Popup window: size 600 x 300 pixels, file size 60 - 100 KB)

If you want to experience the Virtual Reality Panoramas,
the index pictures and the enlargable photos in better quality,
just click the Button "Ko Chang on CD!" at the end
of the left hand navigation: there you will find more information
how to buy this unique travel guide on CD!


  Handling of the Virtual Reality Panoramas
Either let them move or place the mouse cursor over the photo, click and press the left mouse button down while moving the mouse. Zoom in with "Shift", zoom out with "Ctrl" while pressing the left mouse button down!

     Close window      

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