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The Mu Ko Chang National Park
- What to do on Ko Chang? -
(The small museum in the head office of the Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park at Ko Changs East Coast)
Picture from the museum of the Mu Ko Chang National Park in Thailand
The Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park was created at the end of 1982 and comprises of Ko Chang and 46 other islands. Altogether, it measures 192 square kilometres of land and 458 square kilometres of surrounding sea. The National Park offers fantastic snorkel and diving opportunities with fascinating underwater worlds, unaffected islands, idyllic bays and caves, which are mostly possible to explore from Ko Chang by boat or kayak.

The park extends to approximately 45 kilometres in length (from the north to the south) and about 32 kilometres width (from the east to the west).
The 12. Degree line of latitude runs horizontal almost exactly through the centre of the park.

On Ko Chang there are 5 Marine-Park-Offices:
One at the road about 1 kilometre behind Baan Bang Bao towards Baan Khlong Kloi.
A second is located at the entrance of the Khlong Plu Waterfall.
Another one is directly by the road between White Sand Beach and Khlong Son Bay.
A further is located approximately 3 kilometre outside of Baan Salak Phet. This can be reached via a rough jungle track. Coming from the north, turn right at the signposted intersection, about 1.5 kilometres before Baan Salak Phet.

To enlarge this Picture from the museum of the Mu Ko Chang National Park in Thailand click here   The island head office of the National-Park is 11 kilometres south of the Dan-Kao-Pier, directly by the road opposite the entrance to the Than Mayom Waterfall.

The park is arranged beautifully and has a restaurant, a small museum that not only has rich information about Flora & Fauna of the island but also a very interesting, three-dimensional map of Ko Chang.

Overnight camping in tents is also available. The 2-person tent costs 150 Baht whereas the 8-person tent costs 400 Baht. Camping in your own tent costs 20 Baht per person.

It is also possible to walk, with a Ranger, from the Than Mayom Waterfall to the Khlong-Plu-Waterfall. This takes 8 - 10 hours and costs 500 Baht per person. If you want to spend one night in the jungle, this can be arranged for a fee of 700 Baht.
Tel.: 039/53 81 00, 039/58 60 56, 01/758 21 45, opening-hours: Mon - Fri from 7.00 am - 6.00 pm.

The head-quarters for the whole park is located in Laem Ngop, by the road between Laem-Ngop-Pier and Laem Ngop.
Tel. 039/53 81 00, opening-hours: Mon - Fri from 8.00 am - 4.00 pm.
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