Virtual travel & island guide about the Sights, Waterfalls, Viewpoints, Temples & more on Ko Chang in Thailand. - Virtual Reality (VR), Panorama Pictures, Photos and Information.
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What to do on Ko Chang?
(Sunset from the viewpoint at Kai Bae Beach on Ko Chang in Thailand)
Picture in - holidays, travels & vacations to Ko Chang & Ko Kood in Thailand.
Ko Chang has much more to offer than just regular holiday relaxation. Not only the many beaches, bays and villages make Ko Chang a little paradise, but also many other sights and points of interest.

We give you information about activities & leisure on Ko Chang, and presents some of the locations that are worth a visit: The waterfalls, Ko Changs sunken Sea-Battle-Wrecks, the Buddhist Temples, the Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park offices with museum or the beautiful viewpoints - partly with virtual reality, panorama pictures, maps, photos, helpful information and description of ways.
In addition we introduce the exclusive KON TIKI Snorkelingtours & Adventure Cruises, the SEA ADVENTURES Catamaran Sailingtrips and the diving school BB DIVERS on own pages with information and pictures. - all for your holidays & travels to Ko Chang & Ko Kood in Thailand.
Anchor in - Virtual travel and island guide about Ko Chang, Ko Mak, Ko Rayang, Ko Kham, Ko Kood, Ko Wai & more islands near Bangkok & Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand - with Angkor Wat & Cambodia special