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Ko Chang, Ko Mak, Ko Kood, Ko Rayang, Ko Kham, Ko Wai and more Islands in the Gulf of Thailand.
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Ko Chang Information
(Wai Check Beach on Ko Chang in Thailand)
Picture of Wai Check Beach on Ko Chang in Thailand
In the following text you can read what you will find in this virtual travel, island, hotel and bungalow guide about Ko Chang, Ko Kood and other dream islands in the east of Thailand. You can get directly to the corresponding pages by clicking the underlined links in the text - or ignore the text and get to the pages with the "normal" navigation!
However you do, we wish a pleasant visit whilst exploring this unique island-world ...

On the following pages we will enable you to get a comprehensive impression of Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Mak, Ko Wai and more magnificent islands close to Bangkok and Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand. You can have a look at all beaches & bays, sights, objects of interest and much more on Ko Chang, Ko Kood and the other islands. With virtual reality (360° panorama pictures you can rotate and zoom), photographs, maps, panorama pictures and detailed information.
We hope to give you an impression about Thailands islands around Ko Chang, Ko Kood and Ko Mak, located in the Gulf of Thailand between Pattaya and Cambodia in the province of Trat – to help you planning your holiday & travel to Thailand.

The "Ko Chang Information" pages contain valuable information about Ko Chang, the exact location of Ko Chang in the Gulf of Thailand, arrival & departure, about sports, activities & leisure offers as sailing and diving, about it's inhabitants - the island-population -, visitors, seasons, weather & the best time for a visit of Ko Chang. Also about the hotel situation, the Buddhist temples, the sunken Sea-Battle-Wrecks, flora & fauna, the jungle & the mangrove forests, infrastructure, the waterfalls and the viewpoints on Ko Chang.
In addition you find interesting information about security, malaria situation & precaution, medical care, hospitals & clinics on Ko Chang. Also about banks, money & exchange, communication, internet, the postal services on Ko Chang - and useful addresses & telephone numbers of the most important institutions on Ko Chang and the closer surrounding area.

We also introduce hotels & bungalow-resorts on Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Mak and some other islands with photographs, information, panorama pictures and virtual reality panoramas. Meanwhile you can do hotel bookings to make your travel to Thailand convenient and easy. But we also show many accommodations without reservations - but also with photos and partly with panorama pictures and VRs. So you will be able to have a look at the beautiful hotels, bungalow resorts and accommodations you will find on these wonderful islands in Thailand.
We hope to acquire more hotels & bungalow resorts in the near future so you will be able to plan your next holiday & travel to Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Wai and other islands in Thailand with a bigger selection of accommodations.

In our extensive Thailand Information part you find information about Thailand, drugs & punishment, custom regulations, visa & entry formalities, about prostitution & sex-tourism in Thailand, addresses of embassies in Europe & in Thailand, information about geography, flora & fauna, climate & environmental protection in Thailand. Also facts about politics, economy, infrastructure, health, risks & malaria situation in Thailand. You find information about society, family structures, proper greetings, leisure & food in Thailand as well as about manners, correct behavior & behavioral rules for foreigners (farangs) in Thailand. Worth knowings about the population of Thailand, Religion & Buddhism, formation & educational system and Thai language. In addition dates & facts about the history of Thailand, information about vacations, holidays & the most important celebrations of the Buddhist calendar - and also the worldwide timezones.

In addition there is a comprehensive Ko Kood Special with lot of information and photographs from Ko Kood, maps for the exact location of Ko Kood in the Gulf of Thailand and a detailed Ko Kood map. More pages with panorama pictures, photos and virtual reality panoramas from the beaches on Ko Kood will follow soon - as well as about hotels and bungalow resorts with and without booking possibility.

In the Ko Mak Special you will find all necessary information about Ko Mak: about arrival, the exact location of Ko Mak in the Gulf of Thailand, about the population and the history, about banks and money exchange, the infrastructure, acitivities and the best time to visit Ko Mak, also a detailled Ko Mak map, photographs, panorama pictures and virtual reality panoramas from the most popular beaches (west coast and south coast) and from some of the bungalow-resorts on this wonderful island.

In our Angkor Wat/Cambodia-Special you find pictures and information about the history of the temples of Ankor and Angkor Wat, about Cambodia's political & economical situation, the geography and the country & people of Cambodia - and you can also book Cambodia Tours to Cambodia and/or Angkor Wat.

We also introduce more islands from the "Mu Ko Chang National Park". Beside Ko Kham, Ko Rayang and Ko Wai you can have a look at Ko Lao Ya, Ko Ngam, Ko Man Nai & Ko Phrao Nok.

In the meantime there is a big Real Estate Section, where you find property, bungalows, houses, condominiums and villas at Klong Son Bay and more objects of interest. And of course also information about right & law.

In our "Links & Banner pages” you find links and banners arranged to different topics. There is one page with links to government-sites, ministries, authorities, lawyers, attorneys, investment promotion agencies, organizations, institutions, newspapers, television stations, banks, parties, chambers of commerce, airlines, foreign embassies and miscellaneous links for business in Thailand and Asia. One page with links and banners to sites with useful information about visa requirements, hospitality exchange, Thai-language, Thai- and Japanese food, health, real estate, movement in Bangkok, hotels in many regions Thailand and online shopping for Thai-products. Another page contains links and banners about "Islands & other Regions in Thailand": there you find websites about Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Koh Phan Ngan, Phuket, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and other regions in the north of Thailand and the Isaan.
There are also links and banners to Web-Directories and Topsites about Thailand and one page with sites about other countries and regions in other countries as Lombok or Pulau Pangkor. There you also have the possibility to find websites for hotel bookings in many cities of Europe.
And in the near future there will also be a page with links to Virtual Reality Websites …

For a detailed subject map either from Ko Chang, Ko Kood or the location of other islands in the Gulf of Thailand, click on the island-logo top left.

To be up to date relating to innovations or changes on Ko Chang, Ko Mak, Ko Kood and the other islands, we would be pleased about any kind of information - just send us a mail via the "Contact "page.

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And now we wish you a pleasant visit whilst exploring this unique island-world ...
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