Ko Mak in Thailand - Pictures & Information about this Paradise Island close to Ko Chang.
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Ko Mak Special
(Ko Mak)
Picture from Ko Mak in Thailand
On the following pages we present information about Ko Mak (also often called Ko Maak), about arrival, infrastructure, history, population, bank and money exchange, travel times, leisure offers, sights and much more. The following pages will help you to get around more conveniently on this almost unspoilt paradise island Ko Mak.

Bookable Bungalow Resorts on Ko Mak:
We also introduce 3 Bungalow Resorts with photographs, panorama pictures, virtual reality panoramas and information. These resorts can be booked via direct link to Agoda: Goodtime Resort, Makathanee Resort and Baan Koh Mak.
Here you will get to the summary page with all resorts you can book on Agoda: Koh Mak Resorts
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