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- Payment Summary and Financing -
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Payment Summary / Financing
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(The Beach Club at Klong Son Bay on Ko Chang in Thailand)
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We do not sell land plots or houses or any other property! We are only intermediaries for the published projects!

Financial Information and Payment Summary

General payment Schedule for Land

Reservation Payment / Plot 100,000 THB
within 30 days                     30 %
within 60 days                     30 %
within 90 days                     30 %
Land Title Deed transfer      10%
  General payment Schedule for House

30 % at start of construction
30 % at reaching window height of ground floor
30 % when the roof structure is completed
10 % when the house is completed and accepted

Contractual Stages

Stage 1: Signing reservation agreement:
Upon signing the Reservation Agreement specifying the plot you have chosen and the price agreed, we will provide you with copies of the contractual documentation so that you can begin your review process immediately.

Stage 2: Reservation payment THB 100,000:
You will then have 10 days to transfer the non-refundable deposit of THB 100,000 to our account for which we will provide you with a written confirmation of the receipt of funds. If the deposit is not received within 10 days, the reservation will lapse and the property will be put back on the market.

Stage 3: 30 days to sign the contract and to pay the initial instalment:

1. Signing of a Contract for Sale / Purchase of Land which includes the terms and conditions of sale, the price, the payment schedule, the restrictive covenants for construction and a service agreement.
2. Upon signing the contract, you will be required to pay the initial instalment of the purchase price from which the deposit will be deducted.

Stage 4: Follow the payment schedule:
You then follow the agreed payment schedule through to completion.

Stage 5: Transfer of ownership:
Upon completion of the villa or bungalow and receipt of your final payment, we will transfer the Title Deeds as per your requirements.


We can provide up to 30 % financing on the purchase price (land and house).

We reserve the right to change the contractual stages without prior notice.
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