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The Location of the Real Estate Project
- Bungalows, Villas & Condominiums: Real Estate at Klong Son Bay on Ko Chang -
(Click for a more detailed view of Ko Chang in the Gulf of Thailand)
Click for a more detailed view of Ko Chang in the Gulf of Thailand
We do not sell land plots or houses or any other property! We are only intermediaries for the published projects!

Click to enlarge the map for the location of the property on Ko Chang in Thailand The real estate project is located on the neck of the peninsula that reaches out to the small islet of Ko Chang Noi, at the north-west corner of Ko Chang. There are 2 beaches, the big Chang Noi Beach that extends around the bay, and the small Halfmoon Beach.
By a single mouse-click on the big Thailand map above you can open a map with the exact location of Ko Chang at the east coast of Thailand.
A click on the Ko Chang map on the left opens a map with the location of the property at Klong Son Bay on Ko Chang. The same map will be opened by clicking on the Ko Chang logo top left from each page.
In the village "Baan Klong Son” you will find restaurants, supermarkets and small shops where the inhabitants sell their goods for their daily needs.

White Sand Beach, the most popular and described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, can be reached by car or motorbike within 10 minutes. There you will find the best developed infrastructure of Ko Chang. Shopping possibilities are to be found in a wide range, there are countless souvenir shops, small shops with the latest "island fashion”, supermarkets with local and western products, cosy beach bars, restaurants with Thai and western dishes and first class medical care. In December 2005 the excellent equipped Koh-Chang-Bangkok-Hospital opened at White Sand Beach.
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