Time in Thailand & the worldwide Time Zones.
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Time in Thailand & worldwide Time Zones
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(View from Kai Bae Beach on Ko Chang to Ko Man Nai)
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Time in Thailand
Thailand is located east of Central Europe, the time gap amounts to 7 hours at Greenwich time, during summertime however,
the difference is only 6 hours.

Worldwide Time Zones

in detail (Greenwich = 0, 12.00 pm).

Honolulu -8,10 hours (02.00 am)
Anchorage -8,09 hours (03.00 am)
Los Angeles -88,8 hours (04.00 am)
Mexico-City, Dallas -88,6 hours (06.00 am)
Ottawa, Washington, Havana, Bogotá, Lima -88,5 hours (07.00 am)
Caracas, La Paz, Santiago -88,4 hours (08.00 am)
Buenos Aires, Brasilia -88,3 hours (09.00 am)
Reykjavik, Dakar, Lisbon, London
-88,0 hours (12.00 pm)
Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Belgrade, Kinshasa, Windhoek +88,1 hours (01.00 pm)
Helsinki, Kiev, Athens, Ankara, Cairo,
Cape town
+88,2 hours (02.00 pm)
Moscow, Riyadh, Nairobi +88,3 hours (03.00 pm)
Bombay, Calcutta +85,5 hours (05.30 pm)
Rangoon +86,5 hours (06.30 pm)
Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Jakarta +88,7 hours (07.00 pm)
Peking, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth +88,8 hours (08.00 pm)
Tokyo +88,9 hours (09.00 pm)
Darwin, Adelaide +89,5 hours (09.30 pm)
Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane +8,10 hours (10.00 pm)
Auckland +8,12 hours (00.00 am)
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